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Expression in body, in silence, in words

It’s natural to feel the need to rush through the discomfort to survive

We can escape, avoid, suppress, create conflict, distract and numb ourselves, ruminate, or play the blame game

We can turn away, or we can engage

Agency and choice can be triggering and/or overwhelming

Although there may be a sense of urgency, accepting your process honours who you are

Finding ways to connect brings us back to community and safety

Firebrand is about community, and regaining this foundational sense of safety

Within each of us lies a unique voice, a spark, a truth, a dream, a goal, a purpose, a meaning

Own your story


There is so much courage in leaning in and staying with it; there is strength in vulnerability & wisdom in our mistakes. Difficulties are part of our journey here, and we do not get to walk this earth without suffering. 

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