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Jordan's Fees

Individual Therapy

$120 (+ HST)

(60 min)

Couples Therapy

$160 (+ HST )

(90 Min)

Group Therapy

Groups of 4 - 6

$40 (+HST)

(120 Min)

About My Approach

We all have reasons for what we are doing. We may not always (or often) understand them. Even so, good or bad, we have our reasons. We have reasons for drinking excessively, for shopping excessively. Reasons for yelling at people we love. Reasons for closing off and hiding or being extroverted. We have reason for keeping endlessly busy or for numbing and zoning out. Reasons for not saying what we want, not saying how we feel. Reasons for not listening to ourselves and the people we love… We have reasons. Lots of reasons. But what do we really know about these reasons?


If you are reading this, I’m guessing you’re questioning your reasons. They are good reasons—or they were! Now something isn’t working. Your life may have changed and in this change, the old ways of doing things are no longer working for you. Or perhaps there is no change and you feel stifled?


When we understand how our reasons are intended to help us, we shift away from blaming and shaming ourselves. By analogy, we don’t wear winter closes in the summer, and we don’t wear the hat we wore at 8 years of age. What if the reasons we’ve been using are no longer helping because they no longer fit?


Perhaps you’re feel it’s time for a change and the question you are asking is: how do I go about this change?


If you are asking this question, contact me. I offer a free consultation. We’ll talk. The consultation is an opportunity for you to tell me what you are thinking and how you are feeling and for us to see if we can find a way that fits for you.

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