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Cindy is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying), a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), a somatic coach, and an award-winning singer/songwriter. As a therapist, teacher, artist, and coach, she embraces how different every day and moment is and allows the flow direction to come from the here and now. Cindy holds calm strength, creating a safe space to explore in her client sessions. Her trauma-aware approach unfolds in each session with compassion and integrity. The journey is never linear, and it looks different for everyone; embracing individuality and the complexity of each person is essential. 


Over the past ten years, she has been exploring the art of healing through various practices incorporating creative expression, somatic explorations and movement, and talk therapies, leading to an integrative, fluid, and unique approach to the person and the moment. Her life as a musician reflects her flexibility to be in the moment in each session. 


And being a mom, she embodies the fundamental need for our attachments. Her practice is deeply anchored in the ability to pull from diverse modalities that allow her to walk alongside her clients as they move through what is present while also examining the experiences that led us here; to know where we want to go, we must first meet ourselves where we are and recognize where we came from. Cindy facilitates a healing space by bringing somatic work and psychotherapy together while being present in the moment. 

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